Business Growth Services

We serve the Real Estate, Banking, Automobile Industry, Education and Healthcare. A true call center service catered to your industry.


Professional & Highly Qualified Virtual Assitant

Our team of enthusiastic virtual assistants will provide you with best cold calling services.


Cold Calling

Our VA's are professionally trained and are provided with best cold calling scripts.


Analytic Report

We provide end of day report of number of calls made, emails addresses and phone number of leads.

Let us grow your business!

Use our VAs and our expertise to design and plan yourbusiness growth strategy. CallVirtuals team is eager to take your business to the next level.


Quality Control

Quality Assurance is our highest priority. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we constantly employ numerous methods to ensure that all calls are handled in the most professional manner possible. To accomplish this, we record the majority of calls across all clients for later review. QA Supervisors also listen into live calls, giving instant feedback to our agents. We also randomly contact customers to receive feedback. Additionally, our phone system closely tracks hold time, talk time, and several other statistics, which are reviewed by management on a daily basis.


Why US?

Hire an agency that already has the advance technology and tools in place that can help you enhance profitability and yield a high ROI (RATE OF RETURN).


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About US

Call Virtuals is a US BASED cold calling company. We believe in providing our customers a superior level of results. Our staff is a group of highly trained VA's.Each member is hand chosen by Ron Rana himself to ensure quality.

Call Virtuals is an experience like no other. We pride ourselves on the results of our clients. We take care of the hardest part. TRAINING YOUR VA's! Believe it or not. Having a great VA is worth its weight in gold. We provide our virtual assistants a high quality & rigorous training platform. We have a 99.9% retention rate! Company culture is key for us. Our VA's perform at their highest level when they love what they do. Believe us, THEY LOVE IT!
Many of our virtual assistants have a been with us for over 2 years!

Once training is achieved, we provide trained and vetted virtual assistants certified by our company's standards. What are you waiting for? Contact us TODAY to start CLOSING DEALS! See the testimonials page and witness the amazing results our clients are achieving!
We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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